Well I got a stickie from Young Cray Foul and I’m happy to share my favourites !! So here goes…

* My favourite “grab-a-bite”

I like Asian food very much, so when I get a chance I’ll grab a bite at the Wok Away in Antwerpen !! I just love that Shanghai Syndrome.

* My favourite shop in town

Ooh this is difficult, because I have several… but here are 3 big major shops.

  1. The Puma store on the Meir in Antwerpen for all my clothes
  2. The Bilbo music store in Antwerpen for my cd’s
  3. The Mediamarkt in Antwerpen for my dvd’s

* My favorite restaurant

Damn this one isn’t easy either !! But let’s face it I’m a sucker for Asian and Italian food so…

  1. The Lucy Chang for all Asian delights
  2. Gusto for all Mediterran food ( no pizza though 🙂 )

* My favorite “take my friends when in town”

I also don’t get out that much to go and have a drink… but in Antwerpen any nice café will do 😉

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