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Sometimes we like to drink some wine at home ! Mostly during the weekends. Not only while we are eating but also when enjoying a good movie or sitting outside on the terrace.

There are many different tastes and I’m for sure not an expert in this matter… but I wanted to share my favourite red wine ( for several years in fact ) !

First let me point out how I first came in contact with my favourite wine !! Well, my wine shopping is done in 3 categories :

  1. The wine for ‘those special occasions’, nice dinners and our own favourites, are all bought at our local wine shop called Het wijnhuis. They offer very good service and keep track of my buing habbits
  2. Wine for normal get togethers or family dinners are coming from our local mall Delhaize. They offer a wide range of wines and are know for their good selection.
  3. BBQ wines ( big party drinks ) are coming from another local mall where price is more an issue then superb taste, although they still are enjoyable to drink ! Aldi is what I’m speaking about.

But back to how I got to know the wine… well several times a year het wijnhuis will invite all their customers for an ‘open wine day’ and provide you with a small selection of their own ! So you pay them a visit during that day and are presented with the wines on their selection list, to sample a taste !

So on one of these events, I was presented with the following wine : Academia del Sole – Negroamaro Sangiovese – Puglia. It’s a wine from the winery Calatrasi, situated in the south of Italy near Palermo.


The wine itself concists out of 2 grape selections, 60% of the Negroamaro, a specific grape for the region of Puglia and the other 40% is the Sangiovese. The combination is just perfect ! ( for my taste that is 🙂 )

On a side note… there is also a ‘rosato’ wine that I like very much that also features this Negroamaro grape, called Quatroventi Rosato. And looking at some web review, I’m not the only one :), read about it here !

For all people who are hooked on the internet, there is also a very nice wine log website to keep track of your own favourites online : WineLog.net. Here is my current log record – Depechie’s wine list.

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5 thoughts on “Taste >> Red Wine”

  1. Ik ben niet zo’n wijnmens, en toch heb ik het de laatste maanden leren drinken. Wie weet word ik toch nog ooit een echte wijndrinker 🙂

  2. @Buddha: santé 🙂

    @Mirthe : Awel se… dat is bij mij ook zo geweest. Heb rode wijn meer en meer leren kennen 😀

  3. Depechie, excellent write up. I’m stoked to check out those wines more closely.

    Thanks for linking to your wine log. Hit me up by email if you’re interested and need help showing your wine log in your blog sidebar. We have some widgets here:



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