911 ( not the towers )

But the number indicating the most beautiful car ever made : the Porsche 911 !

I must be honest here, I’ve got a weakness for 2 types of cars… the first one is for the Lotus Elise, but this is more a functional love, and the Porsche 911 is a nostalgic love. But for design reference they are both top notch !!

Back to the Porsche 911 though, I like all models released, but there is one specific time line that’s my real favourite !! It goes from 1970 to 1989, the actual reference of 911 second generation till sixth generation.

You can find a nice image overview on this website here. I don’t know why, but the Porsches from that time line just looked gorgeous and really mean, with those head lights sticking out…
If I ever have enough time and money, I will try and buy one to drive around with.

Here are some shots :

img_000079.jpg img_000080.jpg

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Small art

It has been a long time that I posted something that catches the eye !!
But here is one again 🙂

Not so much drawing art this time, but creative art in congestion with photography…
One guy ‘slinkachu’ from London, UK has found a brilliant kind of art, it consists of ‘little people’ in normal real life environments. But these little people are also feature their own life and the pictures slinkachu takes are snapshots of this life !

Actually, it’s difficult to describe it through words, so just have a look at his blog here and see for yourself !

Now some examples :



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bk Cycling route management update

Well do you remember this 🙂

After my last post about this little project, I’ve had some big improvements in gathering data !!
It seems I’m able to connect my TomTom bluetooth GPS receiver to my laptop !! And I’m also able to use the receiver for other programs on my PDA then the TomTom software !!

Stupid me, have this TomTom for 2 years now and never tried it LOL ! The passkey for connecting to the TomTom bluetooth gps receiver is just 0000, go figure !
So with the ability to connect the receiver, I searched the internet for some free software to track/log the gps data. I found 2 perfect programs, one for the laptop and one for my pda !
A quick overview :

* GPS Trackmaker is the free tool for the laptop. It’s a nice tool that will allow you to log real time GPS data during your ride and even map it on maps that you created yourself !! The log files are exportable to many formats like GPX and KML. I’m using this to log the cycling routes that are needed for my bk Cycling route management website !!
* The tool for the PDA is called outdoor-gps, it actually does the same thing as GPS Trackmaker, but now for the PDA ! Main difference is that the log file is always a GPX data file and that you can’t use real maps. But it works great and is a nice software program to keep record of routes you ride !! Even for running it’s great.

Naturally I had to test this outdoor-gps on my pda, so today I took it for a ride !
When I got back home I checked the data with my cycling computer and the are almost a match… outdoor-gps says I had a ride that was 28.8km and my cycling computer said 29km. So a small margin ( and I’m actually guessing it’s my cycling computer 😉 ). Total trip lasted 1h06.

Now behold, for all people to enjoy, I’ve made this trip public… I’m using this great website Bikley, it allows you save trips and add data to them, also it’s possible to share and use them in your blog ! So here goes…

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