Eye candy – Koshime

I’m still a sucker for big battleships 🙂
I guess there are many talented artists out there, but sure enough some will always stick out.

Also Koshime, aka Dr. CM Wong, is such a person. His spacecrafts all look very plausible and are designed to work in a gaming environment.
I’ve seen many game play designs and most can’t touch the level Koshime has drawing these ships.

You can get more detail in Dr. CM Wong his art through his blog here.
And be sure to check out his portfolio right here, it also has a blog with more detail.

82174_1171685728_large.jpg 82174_1175297326_large.jpg

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Eye candy – Chris Bachalo

How do you like your comic art ?
For me this is actually a difficult question… I very well know what I don’t like, but really explaining what would make a good comic design is not easy.
On thing is sure, I rather like a modern clean picture ! But on the other hand, small details for specific characters of background helps to create a good view on the current setting.

And with the current artist, Chris Bachalo, this is spot on ! Just the way a modern comic should look and feel. Clean, crisp and when needed an eye for detail.
I have to say though, that his style is very similar to Humberto Ramos, but that is a good sign 🙂

asm555.jpg x-menv2_cvr200a.jpg

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Eye candy – Hugh Jamieson

I’ve already said this in the past… but I’ll say it again now; drawing Dragons is in my opinion one of the most difficult things to do for any painter/artist !!
I’ve seen very poor representations over the years and to be honest, the ones with some sort of level of quality, are scarce.

But behold, I found another artist that reached that level, it’s Hugh Jamieson. I don’t know how long he works on one piece, but the detail I see in them suggests some labour 🙂
I like his style very much… not only for his creature features, but also the human like figures are overwhelming !
Take a closer look at his stunning material over here.

dragonsfog.jpg deathrider.jpg

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Eating disorder

A special post, just for fun 🙂 !

I hooked up with a good friend last weekend and we got some old photographs out !
And look and behold, he still had a nice one of both of us from when we were young and ignorant lol.

I must be 18 in the picture if I can recollect correctly… ( I’m the one on the left without the hat ) And what strikes me mostly is that, even though I’m not fat now ;), I was very thin at that time !! Looks like I had some kind of eating disorder or something !

Very weird, because I’m not that kinda guy that really looked after his body back then 🙂


Eye candy – John Berkey

Another icon in the Star Wars saga is John Berkey !
He did some of the original artworks for the first Star Wars trilogy… but my interest goes specially to his space ship drawings.

I like these ‘old style’ paintings with lot of colour and detail. The give a kind of mystique to the environment that makes it a little surreal. Just perfect settings for these space explorers !

You can have a look at a large collection here

1929.jpg job2.jpg

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Eye candy – Personal art

When I get the chance to go out and meet artists I like, I will try to get some renderings signed ! This way they are more personal and it just looks cool ;).
But the real treat is getting something drawn personal, this because, well it’s unique !! And most of the times these drawings tend to be done very well !

I got some time playing with the camera and shot 2 personal drawings I got from 2 of my favourite Magic the Gathering artists ! I’ve also added the original art, so you can see what the renderings are based upon.

The first is a Western Paladin, done by Carl Critchlow.
The second is called Vampire hounds and is done by Kev Walker.

Carl Critchlow - Western Paladin Kev Walker - Vampire Hounds
westernpaladin.JPG vampire-hounds.JPG

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Eye candy – Ryan Church

It always amazes me that a lot of time and work is spend on the design of props in movies !
It will mostly start with an artist who will draw some sketches, he will give an overview of the different possibilities… after that one result will be chosen and the 3D rendering will start. When this is finished, the model will be used as a CGI feature, or in the old days they would actually build a real prop from the drawings.

Well and guess what, most of those props are only shown for some lousy minutes during the whole movie. But still you have to give credit to the artist who designs it, because a good prop will benefit the look and feel of the movie.

Now Ryan Church is such an artist. Maybe you won’t know him, but his work is very well know to the Sci Fi people :).
He has done a lot of the artist renderings for the space ships and props of the Star Wars movies episode II and III !!
Of course he had a legacy to uphold, but I have to say, he did a very good job and the actual elements that have been used in those movies are very stunning !!

Just take a look at his gallery here

attackdroid1.jpg attackdroid2.jpg

arc-170paint.jpg wheeldroid3view.jpg

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Eye candy – Nicolas Ferrand

Going through with the last eye candy post, I’ll add another that incorporates large spaceships !

This time the renderings are from another Frenchman called Nicolas Ferrand who has several interesting images available on his DeviantArt profile.
But the ones that are most attractive ( in my opinion ) are his space cargoships. Man they could be featured in any mayor Sci Fi movie !! I guess it’s the combination of the textures and colour scheme for the background that just looks perfect !

I hope he will continue to add more spaceships in his portfolio… take a look for more here

spaceship2_cg2.jpg spaceship3_cg3.jpg spaceship4_cg2.jpg spaceship_cg2.jpg

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Eye candy – Benjamin Carre

I’ve always been a Sci-Fi addict and this is largely thanks to my love for big bad ass space battleships !
Even though this is mostly movie related, I sometimes get a good spaceship impression from a design artist.

With Benjamin Carre, I get the same feeling !
I must be honest, I don’t like most of his drawings, but the technology gallery just rocks.
Of course those spaceships are exaggerated, but thats just the way I like them 🙂
Here some favourites of mine :

dickfin.jpg gdm.jpg

The first rendering reminds me of the Arcadia, the pirat spaceship of Captain Harlock ! ( an tv anime from the late 70ies )
Here are 2 references of the Arcadia… what a beauty :). The first one is a 3D rendering done by Voxel and I hope he will continue his work, because this is just marvelous !