Eye candy – Ryan Church

It always amazes me that a lot of time and work is spend on the design of props in movies !
It will mostly start with an artist who will draw some sketches, he will give an overview of the different possibilities… after that one result will be chosen and the 3D rendering will start. When this is finished, the model will be used as a CGI feature, or in the old days they would actually build a real prop from the drawings.

Well and guess what, most of those props are only shown for some lousy minutes during the whole movie. But still you have to give credit to the artist who designs it, because a good prop will benefit the look and feel of the movie.

Now Ryan Church is such an artist. Maybe you won’t know him, but his work is very well know to the Sci Fi people :).
He has done a lot of the artist renderings for the space ships and props of the Star Wars movies episode II and III !!
Of course he had a legacy to uphold, but I have to say, he did a very good job and the actual elements that have been used in those movies are very stunning !!

Just take a look at his gallery here

attackdroid1.jpg attackdroid2.jpg

arc-170paint.jpg wheeldroid3view.jpg

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