Eye candy – Personal art

When I get the chance to go out and meet artists I like, I will try to get some renderings signed ! This way they are more personal and it just looks cool ;).
But the real treat is getting something drawn personal, this because, well it’s unique !! And most of the times these drawings tend to be done very well !

I got some time playing with the camera and shot 2 personal drawings I got from 2 of my favourite Magic the Gathering artists ! I’ve also added the original art, so you can see what the renderings are based upon.

The first is a Western Paladin, done by Carl Critchlow.
The second is called Vampire hounds and is done by Kev Walker.

Carl Critchlow - Western Paladin Kev Walker - Vampire Hounds
westernpaladin.JPG vampire-hounds.JPG

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