Music discovery – 2008

Well, 2008 has actually just started if you ask me… but I think I can say with great pleasure I already found my music discoveries for 2008 ๐Ÿ˜€ !

I actually like several music genres, but tend to always play 80ies music when I schedule my iPod playlist. Despite this habit, I’ll try to look around for new groups that come popping up here and there and I have to say thanks to social networking ( like, Facebook and others ) I’m finding more things I like ๐Ÿ™‚

But let’s cut to the chase and present the things I found.

  • The RGBs
  • A British pop-electro group that consists of 3 girls and one guy. I found this group through the presents feature ! It was just an instant hit… the electro stuff they play during the songs gives me flashbacks to the New Wave songs I like.
    To get a good sample of what the RGBs are about check the songs available on their MySpace page.

  • The Knife
  • This discovery is actually made possible through an other group I like very much, Royksopp. There is one song “What else is there?” that features a very striking voice. Well I wanted to know who the girl singer was and behold she has here own group called The Knife. After this knowledge I searched the net and found their MySpace page containing several songs. I was hooked from the first sounds I heard :D. It’s actually very similar music to Royksopp.

Have fun checking out these groups.

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