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Well I was thinking of setting up a Photo blog… this because my current Flickr account holds to much ‘family’ related pictures to give other persons a view on my favourite shots.

I didn’t want to set up a new blog, so I wanted to add a viewer inside my current theme.
Thanks to PieterC he pointed me to the direction of PictoBrowser ! It’s a nice viewer that lets you select Flickr pictures based on Keyword, Sets or Groups.
So thanks to the keyword feature I can now select the pictures I want to show to the world through my photo blog.

Well have a look here and enjoy !

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2 thoughts on “Photo blog”

  1. Pictobrowser is a nice way to set u a quick gallery indeed. I’m thinking about making me some kind of select gallery too, because when you have 1.500 photo’s on your Flickr account people might get a little bored =)

  2. @Tupid That was just the same reason why I did this 🙂
    And I like the way Flickr and PictoBrowser is used, thanks to Flickr you also have a RSS feed available!

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