Bike upgrade

With the current petrol prices, it seems a good choice to jump more on my bike to get to work! With that in mind I rode more during the month May then I’ve done before… and because of this I began to wonder if I couldn’t ‘upgrade’ my bike a little bit to get more comfort out of riding.

Well one of the things that was still on my bike wish-list where click pedals! I bought my bike several years ago and still haven’t got around to changing the normal pedals to a click version.
To get more grip and comfort during riding it would only seem natural to get new pedals.

Well today I rode my first trip with all the new materials installed!! And I have to say, I enjoyed it very much and there is indeed a difference with or without them !!

Here a quick overview of the things I bought.

Pedals : Shimano PD-R540 Silver – A set of SPD SL shields

Shoes : Sidi Genius 5.1 – Steel/Black/Red colour combination

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Nikkor 18-200mm – Nikon World Wide warranty

I have some dreadful news but also some comforting news…
First up the bad stuff !

Well it seems our beloved AF-S Nikkor DX 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR stopped working, to be correct it will not auto focus anymore !
Don’t ask me how this could happen, but it’s not working anymore and because I didn’t get a D40x kit, I’m currently stuck without a lens.

But up for the good news, it was still in warranty !! Even though I haven’t bought it in the country I live, I was fairly easy able to get it shipped for free to the Nikon repair center in my own country. Just one mail with the question how to do this to Nikon itself and I got a detailed response the day after.
This speaks in favour for the support and world wide warranty Nikon gives it’s customers !!

I hope I’ll get it back soon, because now I can’t take any pictures…

Nikkor 18-200mm

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