Nikkor 18-200mm – Nikon World Wide warranty

I have some dreadful news but also some comforting news…
First up the bad stuff !

Well it seems our beloved AF-S Nikkor DX 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR stopped working, to be correct it will not auto focus anymore !
Don’t ask me how this could happen, but it’s not working anymore and because I didn’t get a D40x kit, I’m currently stuck without a lens.

But up for the good news, it was still in warranty !! Even though I haven’t bought it in the country I live, I was fairly easy able to get it shipped for free to the Nikon repair center in my own country. Just one mail with the question how to do this to Nikon itself and I got a detailed response the day after.
This speaks in favour for the support and world wide warranty Nikon gives it’s customers !!

I hope I’ll get it back soon, because now I can’t take any pictures…

Nikkor 18-200mm

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6 thoughts on “Nikkor 18-200mm – Nikon World Wide warranty”

  1. This is something I’ve been wondering about because I’d love to buy the D300 here in the states but I’m also planning on relocating to another country in about 6 months. I had read that as long as you buy it from a authorized Nikon distributor and kept the receipt, they should honor the warranty worldwide.

    Good to hear Nikon took care of you. I might just take the plunge and buy the camera in the next few weeks.

    About the lens, did you notice any “lens creep”? It happens to mine (same lens) for instance when I extend the lens half-way and then point the camera straight down, the lens will expand all the way, or if I point it straight up, it will contract almost all the way in. I believe it’s just the nature of the lens because the glass is heavy. Again, just wondering.

  2. Hey qbix…

    Well yes, it’s like you stated. As long as you can prove you bought it from an authorized dealer, everything seems ok world-wide 🙂

    The lens does indeed have lens creep, but it hasn’t bothered me yet, during shooting pictures !!

    I’m jealous about the D300 by the way 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tip! 🙂 Have the same problem now too. I just emailed Nikon Belgium. Hope to get an answer!

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