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With the current petrol prices, it seems a good choice to jump more on my bike to get to work! With that in mind I rode more during the month May then I’ve done before… and because of this I began to wonder if I couldn’t ‘upgrade’ my bike a little bit to get more comfort out of riding.

Well one of the things that was still on my bike wish-list where click pedals! I bought my bike several years ago and still haven’t got around to changing the normal pedals to a click version.
To get more grip and comfort during riding it would only seem natural to get new pedals.

Well today I rode my first trip with all the new materials installed!! And I have to say, I enjoyed it very much and there is indeed a difference with or without them !!

Here a quick overview of the things I bought.

Pedals : Shimano PD-R540 Silver – A set of SPD SL shields

Shoes : Sidi Genius 5.1 – Steel/Black/Red colour combination

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