iExporter – iTunes workflow – part II


I’ve been working on my small iTunes playlist exporting program iExporter. Currently I’m at version 1.6 and it seems it’s been getting some good feedback from several users! Because I’ve seen different websites mentioning it and each release I’ve done so far has had 200 downloads each.

In version 1.6 you can again export existing playlists that are available in your iTunes, but now you’ll also be able to export several artists! The program will search for all tracks in your iTunes collection that have the selected artist as Album Artist, this way you’ll get all albums from that artists!

I hope you like it and if you do, you can now also donate through use of the Paypal donate button available in the iExporter.


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2 thoughts on “iExporter – iTunes workflow – part II”

  1. Hi, I just donated and tried to download iexporter but it doesn’t seem to have given me an exe file, hoping you can help.

  2. Would it be possible to update iExporter for Windows 10? This is an awesome, one of a kind tool that is invaluable for exporting actual mp3 files to a hard drive without use of Apple software or another Apple device. I often need to copy and tag large batches of mp3’s in certain playlists, i.e. Top 100 of 2019 etc. and save separately. Being that the source files are saved in a myriad of different folders it is manually tedious without a program like iExporter.

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