iWatchSyncer – iTunes workflow – part II

Well since iExporter is going so well on CodePlex ( thanks LifeHacker 😉 ), I’ve added my latest version of iWatchSyncer also to CodePlex!!

I finally got around the annoying problem in Windows when you Move folders ( the event handling is different then the Copy action ). So everything should be alright now!

A quick overview: iWatchSyncer will monitor a given path for file or folder additions and will automatically add all mp3 files contained in these folders to the iTunes Music library!

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Knife fighting

This weekend there is a new knife training stage with Krishna Godhania ( Punong Guro in Warrior Eskrima ) at our training place in Mortsel.
Krishna’s skills are superb and his training method is always relaxed and focused! I’m really looking forward on training with him.

If you want to see a small sample of his training methods, just take a look here masterclass “9 point knife defence”!