iWatchSyncer – iTunes workflow – part II

Well since iExporter is going so well on CodePlex ( thanks LifeHacker 😉 ), I’ve added my latest version of iWatchSyncer also to CodePlex!!

I finally got around the annoying problem in Windows when you Move folders ( the event handling is different then the Copy action ). So everything should be alright now!

A quick overview: iWatchSyncer will monitor a given path for file or folder additions and will automatically add all mp3 files contained in these folders to the iTunes Music library!

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4 thoughts on “iWatchSyncer – iTunes workflow – part II”

  1. Will it also delete items that are removed? What about re-arrangement, which would sort of be 1 new thing and 1 old thing?

  2. @fryfrog: Currently iWatchSyncer will only ‘add’ files ( I know the Syncer reference is a bad choice 😉 ). In other words when files are deleted or re-arranged, iWatchSyncer will not detect this!

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