Polar RS800cx PTE settings – part 2 – Using temperature

Second post on how to use the Polar RS800cx PTE concerns the temperature!
One of the nice features of the watch, is the ability to register the environment temperature during your exercise! Best way to get a good readout is not to wear the watch on your wrist during the ride, but place it on the handle bar mount.

But again there is something a bit strange on how to get the temperature data… When you finished a free exercise, you’ll be able to get a quick overview in the log file on the watch itself through the File>ExerciseLog menu! In this log, you’ll notice that the temperature is registered. But when you transfer the log to the Polar ProTrainer 5 software, the temperature will not be visible in the overview graph!

This phenomenon is due to the fact the the Polar ProTrainer 5 will only show temperature readout for each lap during the exercise!! Meaning that per default you will not have a ‘first’ lap when you start a free exercise!

To solve this problem, you’ll have to start a lap manually at the beginning of the exercise. To do this you start up the exercise by pressing the large red button on the watch, start the exercise and again press the large red button at the beginning to set the first lap!

After this, when you upload the log to the Polar ProTrainer 5 software, you’ll have the temperature visible in the grid.

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Polar RS800cx PTE settings – part 1 – Using a speed or cadence sensor

Like I stated before, I currently own a Polar hrm that works great! But the first time use can be a bit daunting!
Even looking at the support forum of Polar, it seems that I’m not the only one with some first time usage problems… So for back reference and to maybe help other people I’ll post a series of how to set some features.

First up an overview of the main screen:
Polar RS800CX PTE

Secondly the first detailed feature:
Using a speed or cadence sensor

When buying the PTE edition of the RS800CX you’ll get a bundled speed and cadence sensor! But if you buy a regular RS800CX, you can add sensors later on.
Getting the sensors in sink with the watch isn’t actually a big problem. But what most people will have trouble with, like myself the first time, is the fact that you won’t see any data appearing the first time you start a free training.
This is due to the fact that the first time you start a training with the Polar watch, you have to select what type of material you’ll be using during the training! So in my case, my bike.

How to get set:


When you added the sensors, through the >Settings>Features menu – Shoes/Bike 1/2/3>Cadence, you can start a training!


When you are in the training menu for the first time it is imperative that you select the correct tool for the training! Otherwise the watch won’t know for what sensors to look for…
So in the Training menu go to Settings>Shoes/Bikes ( is not the same menu as the Settings menu in the Main ), choose the correct bike and you’re set!
After this you’ll get the small Bike icon in the lower left hand side when the training has started and you’ll be able to see the speed and cadence data.

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BuzzParadise – Passoã

Well well… it has been a while, but BuzzParadise has again launched a campaign that acquired my taste 🙂
I’ve been given a new Passoã package that is to good to be true 🙂

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_002

The package contained a mega shaker that suggests that I have a huge amount of friends 😉 but I do think it will come in handy at the next BBQ héhé
There was also a sweat wrist band, a small key ring shoe and a ventilator!

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_003

Of course a new t-shirt was also available with some text printed on small pieces of Velcro that you can swap 🙂 very neat!
And last but not least some glasses and a Passoã bottle 🙂

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_005

Thanks BuzzParadise and Passoã

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Heart rate training

Currently I’m riding my bike only when I have the time, in other words I don’t have any real training goals set.
But, if everything goes well, I’ll be riding the Mont Ventoux next year.
So best to get serious on setting up a training schedule!

First things first, buying a Heart Rate monitor. For me this means only one brand and that’s Polar. But this doesn’t narrow down the choices very much 🙂
What I was looking for, was the option to fine tune a training on my computer and upload this to the Polar product. So I needed one that could work with Polar ProTrainer 5!
On the other hand I would love to be able to do more than just ride my bike, so getting a watch instead of a normal monitor was the second thing on my list!

All things considered there was only one item that could satisfy my needs and that was the Polar RS800cx Pro Team Edition!
I must say I love the product… it has all the features I was looking for and the use of the Polar ProTrainer 5 software is just fabulous!

There are some weird settings you have to take into account when using the watch and looking at the support forum at Polar I’m not the only one with these problems. So for future reference I’ll post them here on this blog.

So keep an eye out for future posts, they’ll be about the use of the watch!

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