Polar RS800cx PTE – IrDA problem

Only after a few usages ( I only have my Polar RS800cx for a few months ) my Polar IrDA usb device just stopped working.
Well actually, it didn’t stop… when I plugged it in the usb port, Windows detected it and the IrDA device started flashing red! But I couldn’t make any connection with other infra red devices, so also not with my Polar RS800cx! A real problem because my training sessions were filling up the memory on the watch!

I didn’t see any other option then to drive up to the Polar Service center here in Belgium. At the center they had the same ‘problem’ as I had and they just gave my a new usb device!
All is working well again now, but it worries me that the usb device just stopped working so fast. I hope it was just a bad unit, but looking at the Polar support forum, it seems I’m not the only one with IrDA problems!

For the record, I was also using the Black model with the grey tip and also got this model again as replacement.

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