Another small update

Seems I’m missing my pictures I’ve uploaded in 2007 :(, I hope the guys of can restore them !

Another note : the bWards ! It was fun, they had some troubles with the mechanical gear in the beginning, but the overall was very positive. Bigger next year 😉 ?

Met some nice people by the way !

* First person who came up to us was Bart, he didn’t knew me, but I knew him 😉
* Had a chat with Dipfico : nice guy, very open person, like he is on his blog ( promised to keep in touch through some 80ies links 😉 )
* Had a small chat with Kleine keizerin, also a very nice person ( girl ), seems that we have mutual friends !
* Gave Eskimokaka his long awaited flag 🙂 ! Recollected some old war stories from our student time and he promised to get back in touch to offer me a drink LOL
* Went over to Dramoghe, just to say hello ! I promised her I would do, so I did ;). And yes the new hair style looks pleasing 😀
* Asked Atryu what he was doing… he just took pictures for his incredible photo blog ! Your dutch is prefect, by the way…

I’ve not talked to ( and I’m not happy about it :(, wanted to, but they were to surrounded with other people ) but noticed them around…

* Kathleen
* Pieter
* Michel Vuijlsteke

So I’m up for next year because this was fun !

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