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This is just a small post to get some attention for an upcoming feature !Somewhere out there a small group of committed people in Belgium is trying to get a new project started… They are called the Vigilantes.

The project consists of a new comic that looks stunning, but they wont stop there ! They’re also considering a cardgame, boardgame and a videogame. It all looks very promising, BUT it seems they are still looking for a publisher…

So if anyone in this business can help them out, please go to there website and get introduced !

The artist that creates the visuals of the comic is called Freek Van Haagen and it looks very nice ! Go check out his gallery… some previews :

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Feeling nostalgic

Back in the old days, we had an ATARI game console ! Just like this one :

One of the most popular games then was Space Invaders !! Well and for the people that are feeling a bit nostalgic, Blik has created wall decoration in the Space Invaders style.

Now you can add a bit of retro anywhere in your house… here is the product detail and some examples 😉

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Eye Candy – Jae Lee

Maybe you know, or maybe you don’t… but I’m a BIG Stephen King fan ! I like most of his books very much, just take a look at my listal account ;).

Well and on the other hand I like comics ! So what would happen if they would combine the 2 ?? It seems this will be something to look forward to !

And what does my weary eye see… as of July 2007 we will be treated with this killer combo ! Stephen King’s Dark Tower series will be translated to a new comics series from Marvel ! You can follow the progress here

The comic penciler that has been chosen for this series is Jae Lee ! I like his art, so I’m curious how the Gunslinger would look like when it’s finished.

Here are some galleries with many drawings to look at :

Some previews : ( the Batman is also great )

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Eye Candy – Marc Silvestri

Where to begin, where to begin… ? Marc Silvestri is a very talented guy and has covered several different characters !

I mostly like his older work, like the Darkness and WitchBlade, the spiky style is perfect for drawing all kinds of weird creatures ( top of the bill in the Darkness ) !!

Also the more recent crossover of Batman and Darkness is very pleasing to the eye ! Very detailed and also very real…

To have an overview of his work, just take a look here and you can buy prints at his shop here ! His commissions are a bit expensive, but hey maybe it’s worth it ?

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Eye Candy – Joe Madureira ( Joe MAD! )

Ever since Battle Chasers, I’m a BIG fan of Joe Mad! (Madureira) !!

He pencils the way I like reading comics, gorgeous babes and men with muscles as big as the other normal characters 🙂 ! Oh and the best thing are the monsters… man what an expression they have !! They always remind me of the Darkness creatures by Marc Silvestri… ( but I’ll do a post on him later )

For a small preview of Joe Mad!’s art go to this site here.

Some samples :

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Eye Candy – Humberto Ramos

If you ever wander around in a comic shop and you want to read a completed series, that is refreshing, fun and action packed… just pick up Out There.

It came out from 2001 till 2003 under the flag Wildstorm. The complete series is penciled by Humberto Ramos and that’s how I got hooked on his art. He has a very distinct style that jumps out every time he draws an image !

His more recent work is even better, because it involves the more know figures like Spiderman and Wolverine… Just check out the samples below !! They are gorgeous.

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Eye Candy – Ed Benes

Woow I have a problem ! Currently there were only 2 artists I liked very much because of their realistic representation ! ( I reviewed them here )

Sidenote : even side by side on the same subject it is very difficult to choose between Lee or Turner

But I’m getting behind on the current artist ! So the point is, that I have to rethink about my previous choice !! Because when I look at the art of Ed Benes ( from Brazil ), I have to say that it can compete with the other 2 !!

He mostly likes to draw pinups, but his male characters like Batman and Superman rock !! For new features, just keep track of his personal blog and if you want to have an overview of what he has done so far just surf here, here or here.

My favorites :

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Eye Candy – John Avon

Most people who know me, know that I play Magic the Gathering. I already posted about the fine art that’s featured on these cards… and again this post will be about one of the many artists that produce great images for this lovely game.

This time the artist is called John Avon ( again from the UK ) and he is best know for his landscape features in the Magic the Gathering game. Swamps, mountains, forests, islands and plains, they all just look so real that they seem like photographs instead of drawings ( he uses digital tools to make his art ).

I like them very much ! Would love to own a digital copy of one of his creations ! Definitely on my wishlist… just check out his gallery here !

Some of my favorites ( damn that swamp is awesome ) :

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Eye Candy – Matt Dixon

Again I’ve found a great artist on the World Wide Web ! His name is Matt Dixon, just take a quick look at his gallery online to be amazed.

I love the creatures, it just seems all fun and games to him drawing these things. I like the cartoon style they have.

He also does artwork for fantasy games, read about it in this interview !

Here some samples :


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Movies, toys and posters

Here is a great concept !

Find the greatest movies of all time, check if their representing poster had a fantastic impact and just remodel them in 3D !!!

Damn why hasn’t this been done before ? ( Or am I missing something )

Todd McFarlane toys has come up with this great idea and I’m all for it ! Damn that Alien poster does look super.

Also available : Nightmare on elmstreet, Friday the 13th, Jaws and Alien

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