BuzzParadise – Passoã

Well well… it has been a while, but BuzzParadise has again launched a campaign that acquired my taste 🙂
I’ve been given a new Passoã package that is to good to be true 🙂

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_002

The package contained a mega shaker that suggests that I have a huge amount of friends 😉 but I do think it will come in handy at the next BBQ héhé
There was also a sweat wrist band, a small key ring shoe and a ventilator!

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_003

Of course a new t-shirt was also available with some text printed on small pieces of Velcro that you can swap 🙂 very neat!
And last but not least some glasses and a Passoã bottle 🙂

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_005

Thanks BuzzParadise and Passoã

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Tagged for Unspectacular things

Ok… I received a new todo blog list item from Wim and Pieter.

Here are the rules:

  • Link the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the rules on your blog.
  • Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
  • Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
  • Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers’ blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Well I have to admit, telling 6 unspectacular quirks is not something easy ;), but here goes.

  • 1. I can’t recite the alphabet backwards, I’ve tried many times, but it just won’t work
  • 2. I’m super fond of eclairs even when I’m not hungry 🙂
  • 3. I eat a lot at work if I get the chance. My colleagues can’t understand why I’m still that slim
  • 4. I constantly forget stuff… things to bring along, things I needed to buy, things to do. It’s as frustrating for me as for the people that know me 😉
  • 5. I can’t stand draft ! Especially when I try to get to sleep.
  • 6. While working I need music… I will always try to put some music on to get in a ‘better mood’
  • Ok there you have it ! That wasn’t actually that bad I guess 😉
    So now to pass it along… maybe 6 people is a bit much so here you go

New Golf

Well seems that some bloggers have received a windshield wiper ! ( Clopin and Wimblog )
I did too… and it looks like a viral add 🙂

Well it’s an invitation to come and look at the new Golf.

Put like Wim pointed out, it’s a bit strange what the criteria are. For example in my case, I drive a Passat and we are a family with 2 children. So no money for a second car and a Golf as first car is just to damn small…

On the other hand, it is nice to get something instead of a paper. Now a can of motor oil would have been much better 😉

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Photo blog

Well I was thinking of setting up a Photo blog… this because my current Flickr account holds to much ‘family’ related pictures to give other persons a view on my favourite shots.

I didn’t want to set up a new blog, so I wanted to add a viewer inside my current theme.
Thanks to PieterC he pointed me to the direction of PictoBrowser ! It’s a nice viewer that lets you select Flickr pictures based on Keyword, Sets or Groups.
So thanks to the keyword feature I can now select the pictures I want to show to the world through my photo blog.

Well have a look here and enjoy !

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Blogging service – (Sponsored review)

When I wanted to start with blogging, I was not sure if I would have enough time to blog or have enough interesting things to say.
So to keep my personal investment to a minimal, I went on a search for free blogging services. After the first encounter with the platform, I found out that I much rather have some impact on the design myself… that’s why I currently have my blog up with, who give you enough freedom to toy around.

But unfortunately for other similar like minded people, has stopped adding people to their community.

But anybody who wants to start with a minimal payment impact, there is an alternative… it’s called It isn’t exactly a WordPress environment, but you will be able to post your daily chit chat without any problems. offers even more then just free blogging, you can also upload photos and videos and you will be able to set the privacy level ( everyone, friends or family ). But to be honest, it does look a lot like the MySpace or Live services.

So I don’t know if we really need another social blogging clone, but if you like this approach and you are still looking for a free service… could be a good suggestion. So follow following link to Create Blog.

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Design and bakery !

A small post with lots of link love 😉

Two people I know are opening a new business with a third person I don’t know 🙂
If you love design, cartoon characters and bakery ( cakes, sweets, etc etc ), then come to the grand opening of the Eugene and Louise Bakery at Lucy* this Thursday the 6the of March.

Some shot to get you interested 😉




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Blog stats – Januari 08

Like the newest polls in the race for the new president of the US of A, I’m going to post some overviews of my blog 🙂
At the beginning of 2008 I changed my theme layout, to a newer free design. I like the clean look and it serves the 3 column layout better. With it I updated the Google Analytics javascript code ( yes there was an update ) and I’m going to give you an overview of the passed months.

So we start with Januari


What can we make out of this… the overview states I’ve had 1442 visits from 1311 visitors, making it an average 46.52 visits a day !
To me this actually doesn’t sound bad, considering the specific topics I blog about ( drawing art, martial arts and some photography ).
But if we look a bit deeper into the numbers, it shows that I lack real visitor loyalty ! Most of those 1311 visitors only come by once, what is actually not the real purpose of a ‘good blog’. You would assume some loyalty along the way if the topics are pleasing for the readers…

So how do I still get these numbers then ? Well the answer for this is hidden in the overview of the Traffic Sources !


Most of the traffic comes from Referring Sites, what again would suggest a good reader base or some loyalty… But in my case, again this is different. All ‘hits’ going through any search engine are also ‘tagged’ as referring site and that means that all searches are show here.

Lets look at the numbers again… from the 1442 visits, 1192 came through referring sites and 446 where from one source, namely ! So in other words my blog is actually only used as an image repository rather then a good reading outlet.
Most cases the people looking for specific pictures will not tend to actually read the blog where the image is posted I guess. No they where searching for that one picture…

So this completes the circle ! The choice of my posts, mostly eye candy art renderings, results in a search heavy blog that functions as image dictionary. I hope I can spin this around a bit, because I would much rather have a small user footprint that will appreciate the small details I give about the artists that created those masterpieces.

But lets not end on a negative side 😉 and give some credit where credit is due !
Here some link love and click through ratings… – 15 hits – 7 hits – 5 hits
Imke Dielen – 5 hits – 3 hits – 2 hits – 2 hits
Steven Wilssens – 2 hits

And a lot of one time hits, but I’m not counting them yet… maybe in the first half of the year review some of them get through with a larger number.

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Eating disorder

A special post, just for fun 🙂 !

I hooked up with a good friend last weekend and we got some old photographs out !
And look and behold, he still had a nice one of both of us from when we were young and ignorant lol.

I must be 18 in the picture if I can recollect correctly… ( I’m the one on the left without the hat ) And what strikes me mostly is that, even though I’m not fat now ;), I was very thin at that time !! Looks like I had some kind of eating disorder or something !

Very weird, because I’m not that kinda guy that really looked after his body back then 🙂