Taste twisting

Had a small taste dispute with Nicodemus today, it was small because he had to catch his evening car ride home ! But if he had the time, no doubt we would still be arguing about the differences of taste :).

The argue was about the fine looks of the other species, females ! My type is the more ‘sporty, young, fresh’ kind, preferably with short hair… the colour of the hair doesn’t matter so much.

But to prove my point here a small overview and let me throw this around as a stick to Nicodemus πŸ˜‰ !

Your one night stand

Natalie Portman

Your wife replacement

Michelle Pfeiffer

Your mistress to be

Kate Beckinsale

Denise Richards

Just babelicious

Scarlett Johansson

Charlize Theron

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Football – stop saying soccer

Ok this post is going to be a bit odd… it involves soccer !!

Not that I’m that big of a fan of the game, although I played it myself for most of my current life, but this little thing just has me hooked.

There is a social network game online, called Hattrick and it is created around the most popular sport in the world soccer. The objective is quit straightforward : manage your own team !

The setup is simple, first you create a free account on Hattrick and after a day you get a team assigned ! You’ll be placed in a small competition and will be able to play against the other teams inside your competition.

Sounds easy and it is, but what strikes my is the level of detail you have at your disposal to manage all kinds of settings ! A small list of things to do :

  • Assign a coach
  • Choose training schemas
  • Hire other staff ( like a doctor )
  • Buy and sell players at a special eBay like trading place
  • Manage the players on the field, choose the right positions and follow their progress
  • Choose different setup formats for each league game
  • Expand your home stadium

And the list just goes on and on ! After reading this you’ll think it to be overwhelming and impossible to manage, but it really is just easy…

What I find even more extraordinary is the fact that everything just runs very smooth and seems to be programmed with the old ASP technology ! You can even follow the games in real time, through text messaging !

Damn I wish I could create something like that !!

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Windows Live Writer II

Oooh my god, oooh my god ! Ok now I’m officially never going to stop using Windows Live Writer again πŸ˜‰ !

There is a whole plugin scene connected to this new blogging tool ! To get an overview just visit this site and get busy…

Here are some of my favourites so far :

Oh man this thing just got so much better !!

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Windows live writer

Good to know that some tools are ‘nice to have’ !

I just installed the Windows live writer blog posting editor and must say, I’m a bit impressed !!

It looks nice, has a nice set of features and is just damn easy πŸ™‚ ! So the hype was true LOL…

Just posting from a remote tool just seems more ‘right’, not ? I always hated the flow of first going online, log on, select the right page for posting and having to do all linking/photo uploading/etc. thing manually !!

Ok there are very good plugins for wordpress and you still have to moderate the comments online anyhow, but this little gem is just to sweet not to use πŸ˜‰

Well I’m hooked, I hope I can spread the word.

Linking, linked, social network status ‘ok’

I know some people don’t like the web 2.0 word hype ( hé Michel πŸ˜‰ ), but it is alive and kicking !

Take the LinkedIn service for example… a nice set of features to keep track of your own professional curriculum ! But it is also capable of social networking with all your former/current/lost colleges, students etc.

And faith has it, that through this service, I got back in contact with a ‘lost’ friend !! Nico aka Nicodemus, he has his own LinkedIn account and we got together again, thanks to the ‘find old classmates’ link. This after a period of 9-10 years, damn time goes fast !!!

But the weirdest thing of all, is the fact that I was following Nico’s blog already for quiet some time and I didn’t knew he was one of my former classmates !!
Then again, the fact I follow his blog means we have some things in common and that was not different during our studying time.

Well call me web 2.0 cray, but I still love the damn thing πŸ™‚