Show items scrolling horizontally with ListView in WinRT

This is just reminder blog post for myself ( and all other people who struggle with the same problem 😉 )
Many thanks to Shawn Kendrot and Tom Verhoeff for the help.

What I needed in a recent program was a list of images that are placed horizontally in a list, so I could scroll through them horizontally and only that. In other words no item selection and no wrapping to secondary line or anything, only show them and scroll through.

When I needed this on the SilverLight stack, there was not much trouble, but doing this on WinRT I kept hitting walls… just let me show you how I got to the end result and hope you won’t need to hit that wall as often.
Do note it’s just something very simpel, but somehow I struggled 🙂

The main part to get right is setting up your ListView. Import things to notice: we need to change the ItemsPanelTemplate of the ListView so that it will order it’s items the way we want. We will be using the VirtualizingStackPanel for this. But doing that isn’t enough, we also need to tweak the ScrollViewer that is inside the ListView, because it’s HorizontalScrollMode is not enabled by default.
I added al this in a Style to use, it looks like this

With this part of the code, I was still not satisfied with the end result. Ok the ListView was now Horizontally, but it still acted like a real ListView. Meaning you can see the Tilt effect when you press on an item in the list.
Depending on your application this could be needed, but I just wanted a list of items the user could glance at, so no selection needed!

To fix this, we need to tweak the Style! We just add a new one based upon the previous created Style:

Now that’s it… only thing left to do is add ListViews and select the Style you want to use!

Soure code can be found on my GitHub here…

This is how it looks

Sad news for the Martial Arts community – Mike Martello has passed away

All I can say is that I regret I didn’t spend more time with Sifu Mike!
I was only able to follow 2 training sessions and those sessions where intense. Mike seemed to have some supernatural powers, but all relates to his body structure and perfect muscle control. Not to mention his magnificent knowledge of Chin Na.

All I can say is that his passing is a great loss for the Martial Arts community, my thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Official statement over at Wu Tang

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Bike upgrade

With the current petrol prices, it seems a good choice to jump more on my bike to get to work! With that in mind I rode more during the month May then I’ve done before… and because of this I began to wonder if I couldn’t ‘upgrade’ my bike a little bit to get more comfort out of riding.

Well one of the things that was still on my bike wish-list where click pedals! I bought my bike several years ago and still haven’t got around to changing the normal pedals to a click version.
To get more grip and comfort during riding it would only seem natural to get new pedals.

Well today I rode my first trip with all the new materials installed!! And I have to say, I enjoyed it very much and there is indeed a difference with or without them !!

Here a quick overview of the things I bought.

Pedals : Shimano PD-R540 Silver – A set of SPD SL shields

Shoes : Sidi Genius 5.1 – Steel/Black/Red colour combination

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Spawn collection

I guess I have already told this… but I think I haven’t shown you some detailed pictures 🙂

About what am I talking ? Well, I’m the proud owner ( I know, me = geek ) of 2 Spawn action figures !! To be honest, I would love to own more of them 😉
The first one is called Spawn V and was released with series 17.
The second one is called Spawn I.043 and he was part of series 24.

I like both designs, but the Spawn I.043 is a little more eye pleasing ! That cape is just amazing !! Especially the size of it is just awesome. To show them to you, I’ve took some snapshots with our Nikon D40x ! The complete set is visible here on Flickr, but here are a few nice ones :

Spawn V Spawn I.043
Spawn V Spawn I.043

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Well I got a stickie from Young Cray Foul and I’m happy to share my favourites !! So here goes…

* My favourite “grab-a-bite”

I like Asian food very much, so when I get a chance I’ll grab a bite at the Wok Away in Antwerpen !! I just love that Shanghai Syndrome.

* My favourite shop in town

Ooh this is difficult, because I have several… but here are 3 big major shops.

  1. The Puma store on the Meir in Antwerpen for all my clothes
  2. The Bilbo music store in Antwerpen for my cd’s
  3. The Mediamarkt in Antwerpen for my dvd’s

* My favorite restaurant

Damn this one isn’t easy either !! But let’s face it I’m a sucker for Asian and Italian food so…

  1. The Lucy Chang for all Asian delights
  2. Gusto for all Mediterran food ( no pizza though 🙂 )

* My favorite “take my friends when in town”

I also don’t get out that much to go and have a drink… but in Antwerpen any nice café will do 😉

Shakin’ Stevens

Not that I’m going to be a rock and roll star 😉 .
But the next time that we have a party at our house, I’ll be able to whip up some nice cocktails !!

Thanks to some link love from Mirthe I found out about a nice marketing website called Buzz Paradise that will send you free packages when you answer questionnaires afterwards !

This is what I got as a first package !


A nice Passoa set containing 2 glasses, a hat, a shirt and naturally a bottle of Passoa !! Well I have to say I’m impressed about the quality of the package… very good !
And to be very honest, I just like Passoa ! So that is a good thing too… I’m actually not a beer drinker, I’m more for the long drinks. Pissang, Passoa, Safari, Martini, Campari, that are the drinks I like, so if Buzz Paradise wants to promote more of these things, just bring them on 🙂 .

Now the only thing missing is a hot summer and sunshine.

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