CMS – Content management S**t

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like a CMS, but sometimes they are a pain in the b*** !!!!

Currently I’m doing some maintenance on our WingTsjun website, but I got so frustrated that I kept on doing other stuff online ( like reading blogs ) to get my head clear !

Damn I just don’t like working with that stupid Typo 3 system. I don’t know if there are any different versions, but our version is just not intuitive to work with !

Stupid example: why don’t you use a simple text editor to put in text ? No you have to separate each ‘logical part’ on one page in a ‘text part’ inside typo 3 ! So instead of just typing and if needed starting a new paragraph, you have to type a title, your text and add links for each paragraph of your text… so editing the text on several places means doing several manual actions of opening and selecting the right ‘text parts’ before you can reach the text itself !!!

DAMN frustrating ! That’s why I like the simpel design of the Windows Live Writer I’m now using to blog with…

And some people just spot the simple designs of Typo 3 right away ;).

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Not only Beer and Chocolate ( more eye candy )

Belgium is not only famous for it’s beer and chocolate ! No, more things can be found in our country that is worth looking at !!

So in my small quest to bring you the best eye candy, let me promote a small Belgian creative studio : Eugene and Louise. I’ve just met them in person through something completely differently then art related, and got a look at their website ! But it seems I’ve seen their work already ‘in the wild’ πŸ™‚ !!

Not only do they produce nice renderings, it seems they are involved in a lot of side projects too !!

Some previews :

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Taste twisting

Had a small taste dispute with Nicodemus today, it was small because he had to catch his evening car ride home ! But if he had the time, no doubt we would still be arguing about the differences of taste :).

The argue was about the fine looks of the other species, females ! My type is the more ‘sporty, young, fresh’ kind, preferably with short hair… the colour of the hair doesn’t matter so much.

But to prove my point here a small overview and let me throw this around as a stick to Nicodemus πŸ˜‰ !

Your one night stand

Natalie Portman

Your wife replacement

Michelle Pfeiffer

Your mistress to be

Kate Beckinsale

Denise Richards

Just babelicious

Scarlett Johansson

Charlize Theron

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Football – stop saying soccer

Ok this post is going to be a bit odd… it involves soccer !!

Not that I’m that big of a fan of the game, although I played it myself for most of my current life, but this little thing just has me hooked.

There is a social network game online, called Hattrick and it is created around the most popular sport in the world soccer. The objective is quit straightforward : manage your own team !

The setup is simple, first you create a free account on Hattrick and after a day you get a team assigned ! You’ll be placed in a small competition and will be able to play against the other teams inside your competition.

Sounds easy and it is, but what strikes my is the level of detail you have at your disposal to manage all kinds of settings ! A small list of things to do :

  • Assign a coach
  • Choose training schemas
  • Hire other staff ( like a doctor )
  • Buy and sell players at a special eBay like trading place
  • Manage the players on the field, choose the right positions and follow their progress
  • Choose different setup formats for each league game
  • Expand your home stadium

And the list just goes on and on ! After reading this you’ll think it to be overwhelming and impossible to manage, but it really is just easy…

What I find even more extraordinary is the fact that everything just runs very smooth and seems to be programmed with the old ASP technology ! You can even follow the games in real time, through text messaging !

Damn I wish I could create something like that !!

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Hot list – current iPod tracks

Well my friend Nicodemus has, as always, an impressive music catalogue at his disposal – again today he gave us a small glimpse of his collection ! Maybe a small suggestion : just add a small audio sample so we have an idea what it sounds like πŸ™‚

His overviews made me rethink my current selection a bit ! I love my iPod shuffle and use it everyday getting to & from work ( I ride the bus ). But lately I get a bit bored with the cd collection I uploaded into my iTunes… I need more variation.

So to get my interests back up, I looked at some key DJ’s I like and found their air play lists !! So it seems that most of the great mixers use a radio show as a playground to experiment with the current available tracks.

These shows are just great ! Not much talking, all the music I need for my bus ride and mixed perfectly. So here is a small overview of 3 DJ’s I’m following right now and their radio shows :

Oh one small remark, it’s all Trance music if you where wondering ;)…

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Lee vs. Turner

Well being a bit of a comic fan… this one is very difficult to resolve : Who draws the best Batman – Jim Lee or Michael Turner ?

Well the hard thing about it is, that they both have a similar style… more a realistic, portrait kind instead of the normal comic, cartoon design !

Jim Lee has the advantage of being a bit of the ‘reference’ concerning Batman, this thanks to the fantastic run of the Batman:Hush series.

On the other hand, the look of Michael Turner’s Batman featured in the Superman series is just so refreshing, how could you not like it !!!

I can’t choose to difficult… But pictures say more than word so here they are lined up :

Michael Turner

Jim Lee

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Eye candy überlicious

Some artist can draw… I mean really draw ! But some artist have such a beautiful talent, that they reach a high peak that is untouchable for others !!

One of those people is Daniel Simon from Germany ! His modern concepts are just so real ( even on a drawing ), that it looks like they can be fabricated any minute !

Just have a look at his main page and browse through the several subdomains and you will be stunned with disbelief !!

I’m officially in awe !

Update : OK so I have to check my links first πŸ˜‰ – sorry Nicodemus and NoDesktopHero for ‘reposting’ this πŸ™‚

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More eye candy

Being a regular Magic the Gathering player, I know that most cards feature some beautiful art !

One of my favourite artists is Carl Critchlow, just have a look at some of his Magic the Gathering drawings or his sketchbook !

At one of the few Magic the Gathering events I attend, I had the oppertunity to meet the guy in real life and bought 2 reprints… here they are :

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Eye candy

I like eye candy !! Specially the kind you can use to change the view of your WinXp background !

Well just have a look at the creatures of Andrew Bell over at Dead zebra Inc. Man they are just weird/funny/hilarious !

The best part is, that they also sell t-shirts, toys and other stuff of their creations !

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Beer belly vs. WingTsjun training ( 1 – 0 )

August is not the body friendliest month of the year for me… August means I won’t be able to practice my WingTsjun skills !

In august our Sifu – Γ₯¸«çˆ¢- always goes on vacation and being the lazy bastard I am, no other sport replaces the lost training’s !

So like the title says, I’m currently gaining more weight… even though it is a slight increase, it’s noticeable πŸ˜‰

Even my other recreational sport – bicycle riding – has been on a low level, due to very bad weather here in Belgium !

But no more worries for me, because this coming Monday September the 4th, the training will start again ! And I will be able to kick some butt again πŸ™‚

Aaaah the beauty of Martial Arts, I love it ! So for the people who would love to join ( or be kicked/hit in the face ), just have a look on the following page – right here !

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