Blog stats – Januari 08

Like the newest polls in the race for the new president of the US of A, I’m going to post some overviews of my blog 🙂
At the beginning of 2008 I changed my theme layout, to a newer free design. I like the clean look and it serves the 3 column layout better. With it I updated the Google Analytics javascript code ( yes there was an update ) and I’m going to give you an overview of the passed months.

So we start with Januari


What can we make out of this… the overview states I’ve had 1442 visits from 1311 visitors, making it an average 46.52 visits a day !
To me this actually doesn’t sound bad, considering the specific topics I blog about ( drawing art, martial arts and some photography ).
But if we look a bit deeper into the numbers, it shows that I lack real visitor loyalty ! Most of those 1311 visitors only come by once, what is actually not the real purpose of a ‘good blog’. You would assume some loyalty along the way if the topics are pleasing for the readers…

So how do I still get these numbers then ? Well the answer for this is hidden in the overview of the Traffic Sources !


Most of the traffic comes from Referring Sites, what again would suggest a good reader base or some loyalty… But in my case, again this is different. All ‘hits’ going through any search engine are also ‘tagged’ as referring site and that means that all searches are show here.

Lets look at the numbers again… from the 1442 visits, 1192 came through referring sites and 446 where from one source, namely ! So in other words my blog is actually only used as an image repository rather then a good reading outlet.
Most cases the people looking for specific pictures will not tend to actually read the blog where the image is posted I guess. No they where searching for that one picture…

So this completes the circle ! The choice of my posts, mostly eye candy art renderings, results in a search heavy blog that functions as image dictionary. I hope I can spin this around a bit, because I would much rather have a small user footprint that will appreciate the small details I give about the artists that created those masterpieces.

But lets not end on a negative side 😉 and give some credit where credit is due !
Here some link love and click through ratings… – 15 hits – 7 hits – 5 hits
Imke Dielen – 5 hits – 3 hits – 2 hits – 2 hits
Steven Wilssens – 2 hits

And a lot of one time hits, but I’m not counting them yet… maybe in the first half of the year review some of them get through with a larger number.

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