Blogging service – (Sponsored review)

When I wanted to start with blogging, I was not sure if I would have enough time to blog or have enough interesting things to say.
So to keep my personal investment to a minimal, I went on a search for free blogging services. After the first encounter with the platform, I found out that I much rather have some impact on the design myself… that’s why I currently have my blog up with, who give you enough freedom to toy around.

But unfortunately for other similar like minded people, has stopped adding people to their community.

But anybody who wants to start with a minimal payment impact, there is an alternative… it’s called It isn’t exactly a WordPress environment, but you will be able to post your daily chit chat without any problems. offers even more then just free blogging, you can also upload photos and videos and you will be able to set the privacy level ( everyone, friends or family ). But to be honest, it does look a lot like the MySpace or Live services.

So I don’t know if we really need another social blogging clone, but if you like this approach and you are still looking for a free service… could be a good suggestion. So follow following link to Create Blog.

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