One Depeche Mode to rule them all

Guess who’s going on a tour again in 2009 ?
Guess who’s going to release a new album again in 2009 ?

Well yes indeed, it’s Depeche Mode !!!

Few days ago they announced their plans for 2009 and happy happy joy joy, we the fans are again treated with new goodies :).
DM will start a new tour next year, called ‘Tour of the universe’ and they also gave us their tour info. It seems that we in Belgium are given a ‘lesser’ treatment then the other countries…
Don’t get me wrong, they are coming, but they will be performing on TW Classic and that, for me, is not a real DM concert !! Of course they will be the headliners, but still it’s not an all evening filled with only Depeche.

So even though I’ll probably be buying tickets for TW Classic, I’ll still be going to a ‘full concert’ :).
And that has been arranged today !! I’m going to Dusseldorf – Germany on 4th of June 2009 !

Can’t wait to here the new record.

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