Telenet telemeter for Windows Phone 7

Well, maybe you noticed when reading my last post… I’ve been busy developing for my Windows Phone 7!
The best way for me to learn a new environment is to try out some real scenario. This way I have a good focus on what I’m trying to do/learn.
So also when I started with WP7 development, I had an idea I wanted to work out and that idea was to create a Telemeter ( Telenet bandwidth usage tool ) for the Windows Phone.

At first, it was not easy to get this thing going… Everything was actually new for me! XAML, MVVM, Silverlight controls many different things!
But in the end, I’m glad I did take a look at this platform, because I think it has lot of potential!

So for the app itself, I just got notice today it passed Microsoft certification, so I guess it will be downloadable soon from the Marktplace.
When you start up the app for the first time, you’ll need to enter your Telenet credentials ( the actual first account given, not aliases you created yourself afterwards ) in the settings screen.
After that, you’ll be able to refresh the data graph available on the main screen… when everything goes well ( sometimes the Telenet service is not available ), you’ll get a nice looking graph with all the bandwidth details of each day.
But an image says more than words, so here is a preview of the app itself.

[Update] It’s downloadable 🙂,9329